About Us

Frampton Family About UsHi! We're the Frampton family: Drew, Brendy, Ford, and Finnegan (or Finn, as we often call him). We were inspired to write "Finn-Tastic" based on our journey with Finn over the last three years. We want to inspire others to approach those who have different needs with curiosity and kindness, and to never give up, no matter what your circumstances are. 
Finn is a warrior and survivor who has beaten odds of all kinds. Finn has multiple diagnoses, including an extremely rare genetic disease that affects 1 in 37,500,000 individuals. As a baby, before we understood the extent of his diagnoses, doctors told us that Finn was failing to thrive and wasn't expected to live past five weeks, but he recently celebrated his third birthday. Along the way, he's endured multiple high-risk surgeries, numerous hospital visits, and support measures to get him to where he is today. He currently receives nutrition through a tube, and also uses oxygen and life support at night to help him rest and grow. In spite of that, Finn's strength and determination knows no bounds. We were told that he would never stand on his own - yet weekly therapies, a medical walker, leg braces, and his own spirit have defied expectations and he is now able to walk.
Finn is still considered to be extremely medically fragile and life-limited, but we continue to be amazed and encouraged by Finn's relentless optimism, his determination and strength. Our journey is not over, but has been filled with a tremendous amount of love, hope, sleepless nights, tears, prayer and support. We hope that sharing Finn's story and his sunny spirit will encourage and inspire you as well. 
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